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Basset Hound Check-Up
Veterinarian with Dog


Preventative Care

At K9Microchipping & Fertility, we are fully committed to your pet’s health and happiness. That’s why we recommend checking their DNA profiling which is assessed by Veterinary Diagnostic Labs.


Keeping our pets safe

In guidance with UK legislation from 2016 all dogs must be microchipped before the age of 8 weeks. 
We at K9 Microchipping deliver a professional, contact free, mobile service to do this.

Microchipping Packages

Our Microchipping Packages are great they cover all aspects for your pups new home

Including is: 

1x Microchip

1x 3ml Doggy Perfume Sample

1x £5 SmartNutrion™ Voucher (Available on All Dog Food Sizes)

1x £5 Supplement Voucher

1x Snuggle blanket

1x Puppy Toy

1x Feeding bowl

1x Food measuring bowl

1x Comprehensive Puppy PDF care guide

All for the price of £25 Per Puppy